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Hi my lovelies,

How it is December? Seriously, it’s like we have blinked and this year has gone but considering what has happened this year, I can’t wait to say goodbye to it. However in more make-up news, I bought some of the Fenty Beauty Christmas gift sets this year and just had to show you.

Glossy Posse Holo’daze Edition Mini Gloss Bomb Collection

I wanted to get the set of lip glosses that they released last year but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price and seriously regretted it. So when this set was announced I was like “aw bugger it, its been a rubbish year so why not”… No regrets at all.

In this set you get 4 mini tubes of lip glosses: Ruby Milk (dark pink), Cake Shake (dark brown), Taffy Tea$e (peach) and Baby Brut (nude colour). The colours were initially a bit scary for me, I don’t like bright pinks or the old school concealer lips vibe anymore. But when I swatched them they are not super duper pigmented like they look.

Once these glosses are on the lips they literally add the slightest hint of colour. So far I have used all but the Baby Brut one and love them! The Fenty lip glosses stay on the lips without a super tacky feeling and last for a good while. Even though they are miniatures/ travel sizes they last ages! I don’t wear lip gloss that often but I’m starting to wear them more and more and my original Fenty lip gloss ( the one that I got a couple of years ago, link on the review is here) is just starting to run out.

Fenty lip glosses are well worth the money and whether it’s this set which is £30 (here is a link to it on the Boots website) or full sized ones which are £17. I like them that much I actually have a couple of the full sized ones.

Glow Trio Face, Lip & Body Set

Now this little beauty you need to get for yourself or someone who is wanting to try different Fenty Beauty products. In this set you get a full sized lip gloss in Fenty Glow, a travel sized Diamond Bomb highlighter in All-Over Diamond Veil and one of their travel sized Cheeks Out cream blusher Freestyle.

I have been loving brown toned blushes and bronze toned highlighters the past couple of months and I was a little worried at first when I opened these with me being so pale and far too lazy to fake tan, but they are actually really nice. The lip gloss is always going to look lush no matter what skin tone you have. The blush I put on with a dense stippling brush before I powder and it just makes your face look healthier because it adds a subtle hint of colour. Be careful not to put too much on your brush though because it is pigmented and it will be easy to accidentally get the clown makeup look. The highlighter I genuinely thought it was going to be wayyyy too dark and leave a pure line on my face but it just adds glitter to your face. I use this when I was more of a subtle highlighter moment or I actually add it over the top of my highlighter for a little bit more of a shimmer.

This set is £35 (link here) and it it 100% worth the money. If they do a similar set next year then bugger it, I will be adding it to my makeup collection.

When I ordered these gift sets there were a couple of offers on the Boots website. The first one was to celebrate brands owned by black companies so there was some money off each item, but my little brain can’t remember how much was off them. And then if you spend over a certain amount you got a free Fenty Beauty eyeliner!

Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner Cuz I’m Black

This is another travel size but when you are initially trying a new piece of makeup I think that’s the best thing to start with to make sure you actually like it. I’m not the biggest fan of pen eyeliners, I much prefer liquid eyeliners, but I was excited to try it.

I was hoping that it would have been a bristle tip because I know that they are closer to the liquid eyeliners because the liquid can flow more easily. When I took the lid off I noticed it has a sponge like brush which from my experience soaks up your eyeshadow as you are applying it but when I swatched this you got a nice fine line.

But never the less I tried it and yeah the colour was lovely and jet black, but like I said above, you have to go over the line a couple of times because the sponge brush either starts to dry up or soaks up your eyeshadow. If you pop the lid back on and give it a bit of a shake and it goes back to being pigmented. I doubt I will be purchasing this again but at least I got to try the travel sized, which even though I said I won’t repurchase it, I will defiantly be using it all up. And it was free so it’s not like I wasted my money!

Are you going to be getting anything from the Christmas Fenty Beauty range?


Kathleen xoxo

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