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I know this is super late going up and I’m sorry, I’ve had all my experience blogs I wanted to keep on top of. But Boots this year have absolutely knocking it out of the park with all of the new make-up brands that they selling, and one of the first big announcements was Fenty Beauty!

I went and signed up to to pre-release and got myself one of the concealers and lipsticks! I got the pick them up for my local Boots on release day!

I mean how can you not love the packaging? With their matte black boxes with white paint splatter and graffiti.. yes, just yes!

The Concealer

When I buy any foundation or concealer I don’t normally look too much into the colour and just buy the palest one possible. This one though, I had to figure out what skin tone I have (yellow, pink or neutral) and from looking at the swatches on the website, I went for pink toned.

Looking at the colour on the box, I was thinking I had hit the nail on the head and actually picked the right shade, but then I opened the box…

It’s pretty much white! Now I know I’m pale but come on, that’s just ridiculous.

But beside me actually picking up something that is too pale for me (for the first time EVERRRR), the packaging is really good quality, it’s a solid smoked heavy plastic tube with a lid that you can feel ‘click’ open and shut. Which when you think about how solid it is you would assume that it’s good for travelling, but because it’s made of quite a thick plastic, it’s quite weighty which is one of the last things you want when travelling. The applicator is large, flat and rounded at the top meaning that you can either precisely target areas or you can cover a larger space, which I really like.

Despite it looking super pale I still had to try it (come on I paid £19 for this sucker so either way I’m getting my moneys worth), so I thought I would put it under my eyes as you’re meant to be lighter there anyway so there would be nothing to lose. It’s thick and dries FAST! You have to work on one eye at a time otherwise it starts to set and is a bitch to blend and you only need the smallest amount because man that thing covers and is pigmented! I used WAY too much on my first go, not even thinking I used the same amount I would have if I was using my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Nope, nope,nope, you literally need 1/4 of that amount. Once I blended it, I still set it with a little bit of setting powder and honestly, by the time my full face was on it didn’t actually look that bad. It actually took away my dark circles. But you are best trying to find a shop in order to find your actual shade.

The Lipstick

This one was a tough one for me, I have wanted her red liquid lipstick since it first launched, but how many red lipsticks can one girl have? I honestly think I have a red lipstick problem, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and got an orange-y/red-brown colour.

The name was the first thing that attracted me to this particular colour, how cute is Freckle Fiesta. I don’t think it is meant the way I took it, but I thought of a really freckly ginger girl wearing this lipstick which is the perfect match to her hair. Now I’m ginger, not a solid ginger but its definitely there and I have the super pale skin that goes with the hair, so I thought this would be a good complement/mix. I then done some google and Instagram research and the colour really reminded me of a liquid lipstick Too Faced released last Christmas which I talked myself out of buying, so it wasn’t going to slip away from me again.

How gorgeous does that look!?! I almost did not want to use it and spoil it, but whats the point in that?

LUSHHHHHHH! After I swatched it, the urge to not ruin it had gone because I needed it on my lips ASAP. And boy it did not disappoint, I am obsessed! It’s literally the perfect shade by itself but a little red or orange liner just finishes the look. It wear nicely and subtitle-y throughout the day and feels creamy but not heavy on the lips. My only criticism is the amazing silver hexagon packaging does not exactly have the best closing ‘click’ that I normally like, I worry that the lid is going to come off in my bag (I hasn’t up to now but it just does not feel secure). However I would say that this was £16 well spent.

These 2 have added nicely to my slowly growing Fenty collection (read about my other 2 products, here). I want to add more but I just can’t decide on another product. Do you have any recommendations?


Kathleen xox

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