Fenty Beauty – The Travel Pack

fenty beauty highlighter and lip gloss travel pack

Hey guys,

Long time no speak! I know my uploads haven’t been there lately, I’m struggling to find things that I actually want to write about and if I’m not fully feeling a blog post then I’m not going to post it. But this travel set I picked up on December I have really been loving.

When me and my friend when to the Edinburgh Christmas Market, we went into Harvey Nichols just so I can pick up something from the Fenty Beauty range (because I’m too much of a cheap arse to pay for the postage when it was £6). I could have went MENTAL but I ended up picking the travel pack where you got a mini highlighter and original lipgloss.

Fenty beauty in its open packaging

So is it all worth the hype?

The Highlighter

fenty beauty travel highlighter open

You get a mini “Hu$tla Baby” highlighter which is a solid gold colour. It’s super pigmented and is probably going to be my go to summer highlighter (even though I have still been wearing it since getting it, I love silver highlighter in Winter).

swatch of the travel sized fenty beauty highlighter

It’s super pigmented meaning it’s going to last  ages since you don’t have to dig your brush into the product, you barely have to touch it (mine still has the “FB” embossed in the middle 4 moths in). The highlighter comes in a solid white plastic packaging and the lid has a mirror covering pretty much all of it. It closes solidly so you don’t have to worry about it opening up and being ruined while in your makeup bag. I know this is a travel friendly highlighter but this is honestly the perfect highlighter to take on holiday!

The Lipgloss

the original fenty beauty lip gloss

The final thing you get in the pack is a miniature Gloss Bomb in “Fenty Glow” which is the original colour in the Gloss Bomb range.

swatch of the original fenty beauty lip gloss

This is a brown shade lipgloss and when you put it on your lips the colour just to say transfers, this makes your lips look plumper along with the help of the very fine gold shimmer that is in the gloss. The applicator is quite large and perfectly fits your lips (apart from the corners that’s when things can get messy if you are note paying attention).

The lipgloss also has a sweet smell to it but luckily you can’t smell it when it is applied! I hate glosses that you can still smell when you have it on and when they are tacky (bork!) luckily this isn’t tacky either! It’s thick but not uncomfortable, like you know you have gloss on but you don’t feel like your lips are going to stick together. And the thickness of this gloss helps it wear longer. Again, like the highlighter this has a very good “click” lock meaning it won’t just randomly open up while in your bag.

fenty products on a light up star

Is this set worth the £19 I paid for it? Too right it is!! I would not think twice about recommending it to a friend either. I’m planning on trying more Fenty Beauty products, maybe the Lip Paint or Concealer, but I’m going to have to do it when I’m not being such a cheap skate. It’s not like these are overly priced either, if the rest of the products are as nice as these 2 mini’s then they are well worth the money! What are your thoughts on the Fenty Beauty range?


Kathleen xox
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