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Hey my lovelies,

Happy October!! I love this time year, it’s just so cosy!! I always seem to flip a switch once my birthday passes, I go straight into cosy mode. This means things like jumpers, blankets, seasonal films, candles etc.

But speaking of my birthday, I thought I would show you one of the things I got. Not like the title doesn’t give it away, but DRUM ROLL PLEASE ….

I FINALLY got myself a full sized Fenty lip gloss!! Even though the brown one (Fenty Glow) is amazing and I really do need to get myself a full sized one before mine actually bites the dust and I can’t get any more out of it. But this time I decided to get the clear one (called Diamond Milk).

I would have got both but the Boots I went in literally only had 3 of the clear ones left! That is how lovely the formula of this gloss it.

I started to do my normal and talk myself out of buying it, I mean £16 is pricey for a gloss, but my sister talked me out of it (thank you Lisa!).

Here is the difference in size, it really isn’t that bad when you think about it. You get an extra 3.5ml in the full sized one (which you honestly wouldn’t think looking at the size difference). Considering I paid £19 for the travel sized gloss (where you get a travel sized highlighter with it) and this full sized one was £16, you really don’t get that much more for your money. I mean look at that difference in size, it’s what, half a lid difference?!?

The bottle sizes might be slightly different, but the size of the applicators look exactly the same! The only difference I can see is the stick/stem (whatever you want to call it) is shorter in length.

I’ve looked more in depth at the brown toned gloss in my previous post (linked above). Here is what both glosses are like..

When on the lips it give you the subtlest touch of colour. Even though I looked at the review of all the glosses, I was still a little worried that the gloss would have a white tinge to it. I mean your girl is pale enough without the fear of concealer lips making a comeback! But the reviews where true and the gloss is clear with a little bit of sparkle in it…

Can you see the swatch on the right to the Fenty Glow gloss? This is perfect if you just want a little something on your lips and it looks lush on top of a lipstick. Just like “Fenty Glow” the “Diamond Milk” gloss has the same formula, meaning it wears down really nice and subtly and it’s not sticky/tacky which for me is a biggie because I HATE tacky lips.

My little collection of Fenty makeup is slowly growing and I promise it’s going to carry on growing, especially at Christmas! Have you seen this years beauty gift sets that are released later this month?? They are unreal! If you go over to the Fenty Beauty Instagram you will be able to see them on there. They have another travel set with a pink toned lip gloss and highlighter, a burgundy liquid lipstick, a lip gloss set with 5 glosses in it (4 new and #Fussy). I think the travel set might have to be a yearly Christmas market buy, this year me and Beth are going to the Manchester market and I am already SUPER excited for it.

Is there any other Fenty products you would recommend?


Kathleen xox

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    1. They really are! I never liked glosses until these ones

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