February 2020 Glossybox

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Another month another Glossybox subscription review! Thankfully I have had a fresh bout of inspiration and I have a couple of baking posts coming up (well, if the recipes work that is). But it’s almost the end of the month so lets have a look at what this months Glossybox had in store for us.

But first, lets talk about the theme! It’s February and all the boxes would have been delivered before Valentines Day. I was thinking it would be red themed, maybe with some chocolate in there but…. The theme was “Love Crosses Borders” I was completely off but WOW that’s cute! The box contains some of the companies favourite beauty products from around the world.

Figs & Rouge – Wonder Love Charm Glow Elixir

Starting in the UK we have this absolutely STUNNING bottle. It’s apparently new for the brand and packed full of all kinds of vitamins and skin goodness, such as hyaluronic acid, rose quartz, vitamin A, C and E, plus so much more! This full sized bottle would retail for £35.

According to the booklet you are meant to massage 3-6 drops onto cleansed skin in order for it to enhance your skins radiance with a subtle glow (I’m guessing on how much you use). I can see why this would be an amazing product to get for the month of love and shiny things, but this is not for me. I get an oily T-zone and I hate the thought of my face shining more than it does normally. For me it’s the matter the better, however this is the kind of glow you can expect to get…

Obviously the left side has nothing on and the right has the elixir

Starskin – Dreamkiss

Next off we are jumping over for a bit of a mashup of Swiss and Korean beauty. This is a “plumping and hydrating” lip mask. I’ll put that in quotations because that is what it is meant to do, my plan was to use this as a pamper the night before Valentines Day celebrations but for some reason, I didn’t. It could be because of childish excitement as this was my first year actually celebrating Valentines Day.

I’ve seen other people on social media use this and it’s like a sheet mask but its shaped for your lips! It is also meant to be infused with coconut oil, hell yes! You put the sheet on your lips for 15 minutes for it to work it’s magic and then you massage in the product that’s left on your lips. This Deluxe mini is worth £4.25 with the full size retailing for £8.50.

Saint Luxe – Lip Liner

This is an American luxury brand which apparently specialise in cruelty-free products which instantly makes me like them more! You get two lip liners in the box, one in a pink and one in red.

The pink crayon is called “Cupid” and it is actually a really nice pink. I’m not normally one for pink (it’s farrrr too girly) but this is more of a your lips but better colour and LOVE IT.

The red is called “Crush” and it is a lovely bright red. It’s much lighter than the colour showed on the end of the pencil, which I was initially disappointed with because that vampy red looked amazing, but this is much more of your classic romantic red.

This pack would retail at £23. So definitely more on the high end spectrum for me but they are without a doubt worth it. The colour glides on and is not patchy or drying.

Floss Beauty – My New Favorite Gloss

This is another American beauty brand, and lets face it with that name like “my new favorite lip gloss” they must have some big kohones! But I will give the brand this, that gloss is lovely. It’s hydrating but without being sticky and it lasts a really good length of time. I matched the gloss with the “Cupid” lip liner and I swear they were made for each other! But I have also worn this alone and it was just as nice. This gloss has a retail price of £12.30

Universal Beauty Cosmetics – Secret Flush Blush Stick

The last stop off in the box this month is going to be in Illinois where this blush stick would retail for £6.10. For those who live in the UK does the packaging of this not remind you of the brand “Miss Sporty”?

So with this kind of product you apply it with either a brush or warmed up on your finger and you can put it on your cheeks (no sh*t Sherlock, it’s a blush) OR you can also use it to add a little colour to your lips.

Just a little tip, if you are putting this on your cheeks, you are meant to put it on before you powder your face as it is technically a cream product. The colour looks lovely and subtle but I can imagine that if your powder has even a hint of colour to it then you are going to lose the colour of the blush. I haven’t used it properly because I just can’t seem to get away with cream blush, no matter how much I blend I still have circle patches resembling a clowns make-up.

I feel like you get a really good amount of product considering this product is less than £10!!

So was this months box worth £14? To be brutally honest I am not sure, even though the price of the products add up to £80.65 meaning you save a massive £66.65. I just can’t see me using any of the products other than the lip liners and possibly the lip mask. But hey ho, you can’t possibly love every box every month can you!? But I’ve saved on the lip liners so that a bonus.

Next Months Sneak Peek…

It looks like next month is going to be allllllll about the eyes. The snippet of information and picture of the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, it has me very excited.


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