February 2021 Glossybox

It’s that time of the month again… It’s Glossybox time!

So in this years February box are we going to have something romantic? Or thanks to lockdown 3.0 are they jazzing things up? lets have a look (Even though you can probably guess by the cover photo but hey ho! let’s pretend that you don’t)…

Well that is not your traditional love or romance theme. However, according to the slip of paper you get with the box it says that at Glossy HQ they love music and to be fair, music is one of the things that has got me through this past year. Apart from the theme, what do we actually get in the box?

Avant – Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub

Now this was something I was in desperate need for and knew it. Thanks to these tablets I’m on (story to come about that SOON!) my lips have been super dry and starting to get loads of dead skin on them. This stuff was on my lips before I managed to take a photo of it.

It has very fine sugar granules in and also the odd black seed which I am guessing is something to do with the rose. Either way you put a little on your lips and rub it in. Your lips are left lovely and soft plus it tastes really nice!

According to the booklet it retails for £58 *gulp*. Would I buy this? Absolutely not. Yes it is really nice and sorted my lips out in a couple of days but you can go buy lip scrubs in Boots for less. The Lush lip scrub is nice too but that is just pure sugar whereas this has a little bit of oil or just moisturising goodness in it.

Nudestix – Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm

So not going to lie, I haven’t actually tried this out yet. Like I aid above, my lips have been super dry and I haven’t really been able to put anything on them except for lip balm. I do however really like these kinds of sticks but never use them as cheek tints because that is just scary! Known me I would end up looking like a clown.

Is it worth the retail price of £20? I honestly don’t know but Nudestix are normally a good brand.

Bubble T Cosmetics – Peach Belini Hand Cream

OHHHH MYYY GOD this is the nicest smelling hand cream! And thats saying something because I bloody love the hand creams/everything from The Body Shop.

It’s a massive tube that retails for £4.99 which is the size of the normal tubes from The Body Shop. The only difficulty is is that it takes up too much room in my handbag. Other than that it smells amazing, absorbs really fast and actually leaves your hands feeling moisturised however strange that sounds. Would I buy it? Very possibly however I will be doing a Body Shop trip when the shops open up again.

Steve Laurant – Total Repair Lip Mask

Well this I was very hyped for however, when I put it on it was far too large and to be honest it did sweet jack all in the way of adding moisture to my lips. If anything they took it away, I had to put lip balm on after which you shouldn’t have to do.

It retails for £5 and honestly it is not worth it, I would not recommend at all. You could go out an buy a better one from Boots or Superdrug, which is a shame because I like getting Steve Laurant products in the Glossybox’s.

Glow on 5th – Rose Gua Sha

This is the thing I was waiting for from last months box!! And what a disappointment! I thought like all the other versions of these that you can get, it would be made of some special stone…. nope, it’s plastic! I just don’t feel like this is a good first experience for one of these beauty tools, it is never as cold as what they are meant to be and I don’t have a beauty fridge to put it in over night.

It’s a good stepping stone to see if you like and will get use out of a tool like this if you are going to buy a proper one. But it does retail for £10 which is not that far off a proper stone one.

Overall review

So is this months box worth the money? Honestly I wouldn’t say it was. Apart from the lip scrub and hand cream I have not been that impressed with everything else. The theme of the box is cute though and I will be keeping it to re-gift to someone. Let’s hope next months box is better and maybe there will be something in it to help us celebrate the fact the lockdown is going to start to be lifted!!!


Kathleen xox

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