Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder

Hi guys,

Hope yous have had a great week! So we have a little bit of a splurge make-up item… ‘Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder’ aka a Dior bronzer.

It’s a little bit (alot) expensive at £36, I must have either been flush or it must have been payday when I bought this because there is no way I would normally pay anywhere near that for make-up. But the quality is honestly unbelievable!! When you buy it you get it in a simple little Dior box, no faffing about its simple and to the point….

But when you open it up you get this stunning silver casing…

oooooh just look at it!!! You can tell where most of your money has gone when you hold this, it’s heavy, sturdy, classy and has a strong magnet keeping it closed (the click when you close it just makes me happy inside).

And when you open it up the lid has a nice large mirror and then you have the compact powder which has ‘NUDE AIR’ embossed into it. I have the shade ‘001 Golden Honey’ because of just how pale I am. It’s a lovely natural brown colour so it will be pretty hard to go overboard plus there is a subtle golden shimmer just for that little extra summat summat.

Also in the Dior packaging you get this high quality dust bag and a little Kabuki brush which is THE perfect size to fit in the hollow of your cheeks. The brush itself is super soft and has a nice handle with ‘CD’ engraved on it. My only gripe with it is the size of the brush, I mean it will be perfect for travel but really irritating for everyday use.

I can’t guarantee that I will be rushing out to buy this when it’s all gone, purely because of the price. But then again I love the packaging and how subtle it is on the skin, plus I have been using this for a good couple of weeks and you can’t even tell its been used so hopefully it will last a while yet! I am fast developing a soft spot for Dior make-up, ooh I feel sorry for my bank account!


Kathleen xox
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