Diorific Matte Fluid – Dior’s Christmas Range 2016

Hi guys!!

YEY IT’S FRIDAYYYY!!!! Have you got much planned for the weekend? A staff Christmas night out maybe? Well how about treating yourself to an amazing-ly cute bottle of the limited edition Dior Matte Fluid (liquid lipstick)?

So I know Dior is abit of an upgrade for this ickle blog, but I bought this the other week out of my local Debenhams store to cheer myself up (I know it’s a bit dramatic but just look at it!!!). So basically a few weeks ago I got an email inviting me to a pamper evening with another local store, but when I went there I spoke to a member of staff who didn’t even know about the event so she went and asked another member of staff, who then came over with a goody bag and pretty much shoo’d me away! I mean yeh, it was really nice of them to invite me and give me a goody bag but the service was shocking and was not what was said in the initial e-mail. So (obviously) not very happy, I decided to wander around town, just for a look as I tried to calm down. One store that I always end up in (but hardly ever buy from) is Debenhams. When wandering around I decided to have a little look at the Dior counter, I don’t actually own anything from this brand but when I seen their new limited edition Winter 2016 range I fell head over heels! The two women who served me (Emma and Helen) just sold me on the new collection! They didn’t pressure a sale, they genuinely showed interest and you could tell they know their stuff about the different products, which just makes it even harder not to buy something you where debating anyway!

So for their Winter/ Christmas range this year Dior have released;

  • 3 different shades in the Diorific Matte Fluid range (matte liquid lipstick), in the shades; 001 Pleasure (a soft pink shade), 003 Treasure (a purple shade) and, 004 Luxury (the red above). £27.50
  • 2 different palettes in the Couleurs Splendor range ( eye shadow palettes) in the shades; 066 Smokey Sequins (greys and gold shades) and, 776 Precious Embroidery (grey and pink shades). £43.50
  • 1 Diorshow Fusion Mono (creme eyeshadow) in the shade 751 Infinity (gold coloured). £25.00
  • 1 Diorblush Splendor (blush) in the shade 671 (a dark pink toned). £32.50
  • 1 Diorific Vernis (nail varnish) in the shade 001 Nova (clear glitter). £20.50
  • 4 shades in the Diorific Mat (matte lipstick) in the shades; 440 Charm (Peach), 560 Ravissement (Pink), 880 Fascination (Purple), and 950 Splendor (Red). £28.50

And their packaging are just unbelievable!! So simple yet.. well.. wow! I can’t put it into words. They are slightly ballooned in shape and have a gold coin/circle for the lid/handle on the bottled and tubed products. But the eyeshadows and the cream eyeshadow is in the classic sleek black Doir casings.

So the liquid lipstick that I bought dries Matte (obviously) and the final thing that made me buy it is that either Emma or Helen had it on and it just looked lovely!

It doesn’t go on too thick nor too thin and dries within seconds! Plus the good bonus is that it also doesn’t feel tacky when it is drying! And it last a decent amount of time, when it fades it also fades nice and evenly.

This would make a great Christmas present or if your feeling extra giving this year then it would also make a great stocking filler if not for somebody maybe your Christmas treat/ present for you from you!

Have a great weekend guys!


Kathleen xox

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