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Hi guys,

Today I have a super cute and friendly shop for you lot who live in or near Middlesbrough to visit if you are wanting to treat either yourself or to get that little extra stocking filler in, it’s called ‘Delightful Aroma’. They are a lovely little shop that is located in the Parkway Shopping Centre at Coulby Newham, which started as a little stall, they are now located where the opticians used to be (next to Iceland).

When I made my first purchase from this company, they where outside of Home Bargains and had bath bombs, soap bars and oil burner granules for sale. And oh my God do they have some nice smelling bath bombs! And WOW! do they have a great range!!!

As for the bath bombs they have an unbelievable range!! just to list a few they have; Baby Powder, Very Berry, Parma Violet, Coolwater (Davidoff), CK One <<< This is heaven in a bath bomb!!! and so much more!!! And to make it even better they do an offer where you can get a select number of bath bombs in a suitcase, for a small suitcase you can get 4 bath bombs for £10.00, for a medium suitcase you can get 6 bath bombs for £15.00 and for a large bath bomb you can get 9 bath bombs for £20.00. But they are so friendly they let you off with a bath bomb or 2 or if you want a larger case but only a few bath bombs they then offer you a cheaper price. They are proud of the fact that their bath bombs are made to the same standard as Lush products but at a fraction of the price! Plus you personally pick each and every bath bomb you put in your suitcase!

And as for the suitcases, you don’t have to worry they have ordered a super large amount and is expecting to put another order in before Christmas! But look at the amount they have already!! ….


They have such a wide range of patterns on all 3 different sized suitcases as well…

The soaps they make are so cute as well! You can even catch they cutting the big bar of soap into the size they sell.

They have a large range considering they are soaps for example; Strawberry, Mango, Parma Violet, Lemon Zest and sooo many more! They even have Christmas inspired soaps!!!

They also sell oil burners and jars of bath salts.

But since moving into the shop they are now working with a woman called Wendy who makes personalised gifts and they are so cute! She does 3D frames with either family names in scrabble or cute little sayings in them.

Then there is personalised wine glasses and glitter glasses which are £4 for personalised or £3 for the glitter glasses.

And for the Christmas period they are also selling personalised Santa sacks both for humans and for pets!!!

The human ones are £10.00 personalised and the Pet ones are £4 personalised. And they have so much more for sale!!!

So if you are looking for some really good quality items for really reasonable prices then go and have a look!! or check them out on Facebook, just search for ‘Delightful Aroma’ in the search bar.


Kathleen xox
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  1. Hello, can I check is delightful aroma the little store that was in the middle of the shopping centre please? I live in Darlington and struggle to travel to boro but I do just for the bath bombs.

    1. Hi, when I done this post it was in Coulby Newham but it is now in Middlesbrough town centre near Primark. They are also on Facebook if you want to have a look at more of their things x

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