December 2020 Glossybox


After this year I have been so looking forward to December just for the bit of normality and the pure fact of having something to look forward to. I hope you have all survived this year without too many bumps in the road (we can always chat on Instagram if you need someone to talk to).

One thing I have had to look forward to month in and month out this year is my monthly subscription to Glossybox. What have they had install for us this month? Lets have a look …

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask

This calls for a Christmas Eve pamper night but I could not wait and ripped straight into this package. The patches themselves are quite large for eye masks but comfortable, I forgot that they were even on tbh. You are meant to leave them on for 10 minutes and then pat the remaining solution into the skin (like any other eye mask). However they did not leave too much residue on the skin and left my under-eyes feeling lovely and smooth.

This months box didn’t come with a booklet again but I am sure on some sort of social media they said that this was going to be online only. However, I can not find it for the life of me! I checked the Look Fantastic website and a pack of 6 retails at £25.

Symbiosis London Overnight Rejuvenating Eye Serum

I feel like eye creams are Glossybox’s item for 2020. However when you get to my age ‘cough 26 cough cough’, you can never have too many eye creams. From a quick Google search this retails for £104. I have not yet tried this because I am still working my way through the Glossybox own brand eye cream but as soon as it runs out then this will be getting used.

SportFX Wipe The Day Away

Before using the eye masks and eye cream above you have to take off your make-up or as the wipes suggest, wipe away the day. The wipes come in 2 pouches per strip, one for they eyes which is more delicate and smells of chamomile and the other is for the face. I used one set very dubiously the other night because of my sensitive skin but luckily there was no reaction. The eye wipes were by far my favourite as they felt gentle and didn’t sting my eyes once my make-up was off.

On looking on the Sport FX website the box retails for £2.

Palmer’s Cocoa Body Butter Jar

Once you have taken off your make-up and done your eye masks and cream what better thing to do than to add moisture to those dry patches of skin? Glossybox have you covered with the 30g jar of body butter.

We already know I love the Palmers lip butter that they do because of the little shavings that take away the dead skin yet add moisture so I am looking forward to trying this, however I need to work through my collection of The Body Shops Pumpkin Vanilla range that I stock piled.

The 100g tub of this retails at £4.15 so this little jar must be super affordable.

Nailberry Nail Varnish

This looks like a full sized product and is in the shade “Strawberry Jam”. What better way to end a pamper night then to paint your nails in a very festive deep red/purple colour? This shade is not on the Look Fantastic website but all other nail varnishes retail for £14.50.

This year I have got into doing my own gel nails so this is no good to me but my mam who never wears nail varnish has asked if she can have the bottle with it being such a lush colour.

So is this box worth is? Since we can’t add up the value properly lets just look at the products themselves…. They look great for a pamper night I will give Glossybox that. But is this the best box we have? No not at all. However, is it worth £15? Yeah I would say it is, especially for the design of the box (ngl I am using this months box as a chistmas present box). Lets hope for a better 2021 in general and I am wishing you all the best.

Love, Kathleen xox

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