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Free From Easter Eggs

I can already tell you that this post is not going to be as I planned. What I wanted to do is to take photographs of different Free From Easter eggs/treats that you can get in different supermarkets, just in case you were stuck buying something for you dairy intolerant family member/friend. I actually got of to a pretty decent start too, taking some pictures without looking like too much of a crazy person, but the outburst of COVID-19 soon put an end to that. What I’m going to do is put the pictures that I have taken and then screenshots with links for the ones I’m having to use the internet for.


Tesco and Asda are my favourite supermarkets to shop in, a lot of their own brand items are milk free, but their Free From ranges are growing too. Here are just a couple of things they have to offer…

The Nomo range has not been out long but they are really nice and creamy. Apart from the shape of the bars I think some people would struggle to recognise these as being Free From. They are a bit pricey but lets be honest, most free from things are more expensive than other foods.

Moo Free! I love this range, apart from the name being adorable they have a pretty decent range in flavours. The most common are plain, orange and bunnycomb but you can also buy the bars in mint flavour. These are starting to show up in more and more shops such as: Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencers, Holland and Barrett and even Aldi. They are resonably priced and taste just as nice as Nomo.

Tesco are selling an Easter special flavour of caramel which is also shaped like a bunny! YES PLEASE!

In the “normal” easter egg offer, currently 2 for £8

Here is one that not many people realise is milk free because it’s classed as a “normal” chocolate brand. Bournville has been around since God know when but it actually has no milk in it and I don’t know if I’m just used to the taste but to me you can’t really tell its dark chocolate. You can get plain and orange flavoured eggs, medium sized and then this large egg which goes in on the 2 for £8 offer meaning you can get yourself an egg or someone else as they are mix and match. Not Easter related but the brand has also brought out a rum and raisin flavour which I personally do not like but you can get in the Pound shop and B&M stores.


On to my next favourite supermarket for Free From!

I don’t know what this tastes like but it is literally just a slab of chocolate with pieces of honeycomb and dried raspberry pieces. You can’t really go wrong with that and for £3.50 it’s worth a try.


Their own free from chocolate is actually pretty decent, I would say it’s better than Tesco’s own Free From chocolate, so if you are going between the two then go for Asda. They have a range of eggs, cute shaped pieces of chocolate and bunny shaped eggs (which by the way are on a 3 for £8 offer!). And they are decently priced, their eggs are only £4 which compared to “normal” medium sized eggs is not that over priced.


They have their own Easter special Moo Free egg! Meet the strawberry flavoured white chocolate hamster! How fricken cute!


I’ve not tried a lot of Morrisons Free From range but I think this is a shop to keep an eye on. In their own range they seem to have things the other supermarkets don’t, such as cupcakes (I still need to try their red velvet cupcakes). But my mam has got me one of their own free from white chocolate and strawberry eggs which also come with little chocolate coins. Another egg that they sell which people don’t realise are Free From is…


Fry’s is a brand that is owned by Cadburys so they have to put a warning on saying that they are not suitable for people with milk allergies because they are made in the same factory, but in the ingredients they have no milk in at all. You can also get these eggs in Iceland and B&M Stores. The main reason that I have linked Morrisons and left this egg under this heading is because I waited 25 minutes to get on the Morrisons website thanks to the situation with corona virus.

I hope this helps someone who is struggling getting something that’s milk free for Easter but please with everything that is going on in the world, if you can stay indoors and shop online.


Kathleen xox

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