D.I.Y. Halloween Bowling!

Hi guys!!

It’s Sunday and it’s still the lead up to Halloween, so it only seems right that I bring you yet another Halloween D.I.Y. project, and this one is super fun for all the family… Halloween Bowling!!!


How cute are these?!? and like all my other D.I.Y’s that I have done on here, these are super easy to make and super cheap (in fact these only cost me £1.75 to make).

All you need is;

  • Plastic Cups
  • Paint
  • Toilet Roll
  • Ball

Even though you guys will probably guess how to make these, I’m going to explain how anyways (otherwise this would be such a boring and short blog post) So lets get cracking…

  1. Get your cups (I went for a boring and standard 5 cups, 75p in Wilkos), pic what spooky characters you want and get painting the base colours. Tip – If you want to make a mummy, wrap the cup in toilet paper after you have painted it for an even better mummy effect.


2) Once your base colour has dried, paint on the faces of your characters


3) And once the faces have also dried, get stacking and enjoy your spooky Halloween Bowling! Oh and for the bowling ball I used a squeaky dog ball (only £1 in Tesco).


But if you don’t want to use a squeaky dog ball you can use any kind of ball you can get your hands on and use a sharpie to draw on a face. But for me I picked this because it was super cute (and cheap), plus I found that when I got home this little squeaky ball helped put my old 16 year old doggy into puppy mode. It was so cute to watch because he hasn’t been in one of them moods for ages. So this has two benefits for me (to be honest it is pretty pointless to mention that Kathleen).

But once you have your bowling ball, its time to get competitive! or for the kids to get playing, I know me and my siblings will play this and probably get more competitive than the kids!

Stack them up…


To knock them down!

I love the way the ghost cup looks in the photo above and the fact the the pumpkin and Frankenstein are looking at each other as they fall, I can’t help but chuckle when I look at it.

But anyways, there you have it, your very own Spooky Halloween Bowling! You can up the anti by either adding more cups or changing what you stack e.g. instead of using the cups why not use some tins (either empty or full depends how much harder you want to make it). Or to change this almost completely, why not spin the cups to the correct way round, still paint on the faces but make 2 sets and then you have some Spooky Halloween Beer Pong Cups (adults only!).


Kathleen xox

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