Cinnamon Fruit Swirls

more cinnamon fruit rolls

With Easter being just a couple of weeks away the shops are starting to fill up with both chocolate (obviously Kathleen!) and cinnamon or raisin flavoured goodies, complete cosy comfort food! It’s taken me a good 4 years to get my taste buds back to normal and enjoy cinnamon again after stupidly doing the cinnamon challenge in college, just don’t do it! It looks funny, but it’s disgusting and you have the taste of cinnamon in your mouth for days no matter how many times you brush your teeth!. Last weekend I was craving good old Chelsea bun (nom nom) but because I’m lactose intolerant, I can’t just walk into Cooplands like a normal person, I have to either make my own or have horrible stodgy ones from the free from isle. So baking it was! I’m still on my health kick/ lifestyle change so didn’t really fancy swamping them in icing (That makes them healthier right?)  So I decided to loose the icing and add cinnamon….

Cinnamon Fruit Swirls!

group of baked cinnamon fruit rolls

They might look dry without the shiny runny icing on the top but believe me they are not dry at all, and here is how I made them…..


ingredients needed to make cinnamon fruit swirls

  • 150ml Water
  • 150ml Milk
  • 50g Butter
  • 450g Plain Flour
  • 75g Sugar
  • 1tsp Salt
  • 7g packet Yeast
  • Cinnamon
  • Raisins
  • Cherrys
  • Lemon juice

Got everything? So here is what you need to do…

1. Put your oven on Gas Mark 4 to heat up while you make your mixture

2. In a measuring jug or a medium sized microwavable bowl, add the water, milk and butter. Place in the microwave and heat until they all mix together. Place the mixture to one side to cool while you mix together all of the dry ingredients!

150ml of water and 150ml of milk in a measuring jug

3. In a larger bowl mix together the flour, sugar, salt and yeast

flour, yeast and other dry ingredients in a glass bowl

4. Time to grab your cooled milk mixture, gradually add it to your dry ingredients. And don’t do what I done and just tip it all in because the recipe I followed said that it’s a wet dough and boy it wasn’t lying! I used so much flour in the next step I dread to think how much I actually used.


5. Now if your fancy and have one of them mixers with a hook mechanism thingy then grab that or flour your surface and start kneading that dough! Because I didn’t gradually add the milk mixture this bit too me FOREVER!

dough on a surface after being kneeded

6. Place that lovely kneaded dough into a large greased bowl and cover with either a clean damp towel or some greased cling film, then place in a warm place (some people used the side of their oven when it is on, but I turned my oven down and placed it in the top half)

the dough in a geased bowl before proofing

7. Once your dough has doubled in size, take it out of the bowl and knead again to knock the air out of it (don’t knead it for too long, just once or twice). Roll your dough into a long rectangle

the dough after being proofed

8. Once you have the length you are happy with, grab your lemon juice and sprinkle it all over your dough (the recipe said to use melted butter but to be a little bit healthier I thought I would use some lemon juice)

dough rolled out on a floured surface
This so was off a perfect rectangle but you get the gist

9. Sprinkle as much cinnamon as you like over the mixture, once you are happy then sprinkle as much of the sultanas and cherries as you like over it all (I used pretty much the entire tub of cherries….. the monkey emoji covering its eyes would be perfect here!).

dough rolled out with filling spread across it

10. Now the messy bit… roll your dough length ways so you end up with one long swiss/ swirly roll.

11. Slice the roll into as many pieces as you like, i cut mine nice and thick and got 10 rolls

mixture rolled up and sliced

12. Place your slices roll side up in a greased tray and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until all the rolls are nice and golden brown

dough rolls ready to go into the oven

baked rolls out of the oven cooling down


Like I said if you want to you can always add icing to the top to make the rolls more like Chelsea buns, but honestly they are just as nice without. These would make a nice little treat for your mam this Sunday for Mothers Day!



Kathleen xox
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3 Replies to “Cinnamon Fruit Swirls”

  1. Why don”t you let your young kids knead the bread? Two of my kids love to do it, it is like a game for them, better than Play-Doh! So I let them take turns kneading and, by the time they get tired and it is my turn, a lot less work is needed.

    1. I don’t have kids myself but that’s a great idea!

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