Chocolate Orange Cake

Hi guys!!

Sorry tonight’s post is late, I’ve been SO busy today and I have had to re-make this cake (what a shame, I get to eat it again) as the first one didn’t look pretty (you’ll soon see).

So as it is starting to become a thing on my ickle blog, Wednesdays are “treat day” recipe day and tonight we have a lactose free chocolate orange cake! But because it is Halloween coming up, I obviously had to turn it a bit Halloween-y.


So if you want to make this super tasty cake then lets go!



What you need;

  • 125g Sugar
  • 125g Butter (I used lactose free ‘Vitalite’)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 125g Self Raising Flour
  • 1 Large Orange
  • Orange Extract
  • Red Food Colouring
  • Blue Food Colouring
  • 2 x 35g Bars of Milk Free Chocolate (or normal chocolate if you can have it)

What To Do;

1. Pre heat your oven to Gas Mark 4

2. Cream together the Butter and Sugar until light in colour

3. Beat in the 2 Eggs

4. Mix in the Self Raising Flour. If the mixture does not drop off a tilted spoon on the count of 5, mix in a little bit of milk.

5. Half the mixture between two bowls. In one bowl great the zest on the Orange and add in the Red food colouring and Orange Extract until your happy with the flavour. In the other bowl Mix in the blue food colouring and chopped pieces of chocolate (about 1 whole bars worth).


6. Now Once your happy with the taste and colour, separate into two greased baking trays.


This was my first attempt and the trays were too big so the cakes where thin when they came out (even though they had actually raised while cooking)

7. Sprinkle over some more chopped chocolate on your blue chocolate cake mix, so you have chocolate throughout all of the sponge and it all doesn’t sink to the bottom.

8. Bake until completely cooked. Then take out of the oven and leave to COMPLETELY cool (otherwise the filling and icing will melt off/ away and when you peel off the grease proof paper the chocolate does not come away with it.

9. For my first attempted cake filling, I made some butter icing and mixed in some more orange extract until it tasted nice. And in another bowl I made more butter icing and mixed in some coco powder.


For my second cake I put a small amount of Marmalade in between the 2 sponges.

10. Now you can either leave the cake stacked as is or decorate it.


Soooooo this was my first attempt at decorating my sponges (yeh it really doesn’t look good, know now why I had to re-make it?). I originally tried to make the web out of royal icing but it kept falling apart when I tried to pick it up. So for my second attempt I bought some orange coloured “Frosting” from the Halloween section in Tesco and the some chocolate “Frosting” from their baking range (amazingly no milk or lactose in the mixture at all !!)


and this is how it turned out…


Could still do with some more tweeking, but I think its cute and WAYYYY better than the first one.

¬†Enjoy baking guys and I’ll talk to you’s again Friday!


Kathleen xox

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