Charcoal Peel Off Masks…. Are They Worth It??

Hey guys,

For god knows how long there has been a massive hype on charcoal/ black head peel off masks. Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, we have all seen the videos of someone slowly pulling one of these masks off and LOADSSSSS of spots coming off with it (so gross yet soooooo satisfying to watch). The main place that people kept on saying they where getting their masks from was Amazon… so off I went browsing their wide range of brands.



Reading through some reviews, this particular mask seemed one of the better ones for under £10. It was one of the few where all of the reviews where positive, so hoping for the best I quickly placed my order!

And with it being Amazon I ordered this from, it soon arrived on my doorstep. So that night a cold bottle of wine, a candle lit bubble bath and a charcoal peel off mask was in order! A proper pamper night, all of us girls need one every once in a while!!

So off I trotted to the shop to get the wine, as soon as I got back the bath was ran and a glass (large one obviously) of wine was poured. Now the bath had to be hot so your pours could open (but you name me one girl that doesn’t have a hot bath anyway). But to make sure the pours on my nose were open, I followed the instructions on the packaging and place a hot cloth over my nose for a couple of minutes.

So onto the main thing itself… the mask. I when I opened the tube I don’t know why but I was giddy the fact that it was actually the colour black (even though I knew it would be by the name AND reviews AND the pictures). But when I went to put some on my fingers the product was super runny which I wasn’t expecting at all.

I’m not squeezing the tube in this picture just holding it, shows just how runny this product is!! But despite this, I still tried it. The instructions warned you not to put too little or too much on….. nice! I wouldn’t have guessed that one! (I actually rolled my eyes that much it hurt when I read that). So I applied what I thought to be a good amount onto my nose and chin and waited 10-15 minutes until the mask was ready to peel off. And wow does the peeling off hurt!! People don’t exaggerate it honestly is that painful, not only did my eyes water but I started to sneeze (One of my friends said she does this as well when doing her eyebrows, so I feel less strange saying this now). And as for the end result… disappointing!!!!! yes there was the odd blackhead and dead skin, but NOTHING compared to all the videos on social media 🙁

I am really disappointed with this mask, I have tried it a couple of times and got the same result every time, it really isn’t worth the money. Those that say the charcoal masks on Amazon that are under £10 work and telling you lies!! they don’t!! You will probably have to invest more money to get a mask that actually works, but personally I am going to be sticking the the L’Oreal clay masks… Now they are something else!


Kathleen xox
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