Cancer Research Day 2018

light blue #UnityBand

Hey guys,

So today (February 4th) is World Cancer Day! It is one specific day where you are encouraged to donate to Cancer Research, whether it is online or by buying one of their #UnityBand

an arm with a light blue and white #UnityBand

Why do we need World Cancer Day?

I really don’t see why we need just one specific day to show our support to Cancer Research. Shouldn’t we be doing this anyway? I was on there website earlier and did you know that in the last 40 years the survival rate of someone beating cancer has basically doubled?!? I mean wow! Why wouldn’t we want to donate to hopefully speed up this process? Literally everybody is either affected or knows somebody who cancer is/has affected, I know I have been affected by the horrible disease in more ways than I thought (I had never really thought about it until I sat down to write this). Especially since there is over 200 different types of cancer!! It’s honestly scary that it can come in so many different shapes and sizes.

So what do we do?

All we need to do to help out and do our bit is to either jump online and donate on their website, or pop into a shop and buy a Unity Band. All they ask for/ suggest is a donation of £2 which all add up and help support the thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses working to kick cancers backside. If you end up buying a band (I bought mine from my local Peacocks) all they ask is you share a picture of it on your wrist with #UnityBand in the caption. And even though this band represents such a great cause, my only problem with it is that it catches on everything causing it to come off your wrist! I have almost lost mine more than once in the toilets at work. But then again its another reason to go and donate more buy buying another one (they come in 3 different colours so you could even go and collect them all).


selfie with my Unity Band


By the way… what the hell did we do before a good old Snapchat filter?!

Even though this is going up late on the actual World Cancer day, you can donate as much or as little as you like EVERY day of the year!


Kathleen xox

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