Can you ignore your poisonous parrot?

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YES, YES, 1000x YES!!


Ever since Halloween I have been mentally beating myself up over absolutely nothing! And I haven’t used the skills my counsellor has given me to their full potential, so I’m not going to lie, I let take control of me a LITTLE bit. But I didn’t let that pesky poisonous parrot take back too much control.

So what is a poisonous parrot??

During my counselling session we discovered that one of the links to my depression is when random memories pop into my head and instead of understanding what happened, I subconsciously feel shame, which then triggers the voice of my poisonous parrot. Which both of these are fine! There is coping mechanisms for both and the latter is what we are going to talk about….

Basically, the way my counsellor explained it to me was:

Imagine you are given a parrot, it is a normal parrot.

You have not taught the parrot any words.

One day you come home and the parrot are saying some horrible words/ phrases to you (e.g. “your worthless” “You’re going to be alone forever”)

…………… What would you do with that parrot??………….

Now my first response was that I would persevere with the parrot. I mean if it didn’t know any words when I got it then surely it’s something to do with me, now it’s saying these nasty things?! Plus I’m no quitter, this parrot will be able to learn nice words if its somehow picked up on these nasty ones…right??


What you should do is cover the parrots cage with a cover/blanket/ towel.

You are not abandoning the parrot. At first the parrot will carry on talking, but eventually you will stop noticing to parrot and its nasty phrases….

So what does all this mean??

Basically that annoying parrot we have just talked is actually them nasty voices in our head that pretty much everybody gets, it’s just some of us get them more often and more intense than others. And the blanket is the coping mechanism you have got to find in order to quieten down those voices.

So for me I find that writing these little posts and exercise helps ALOT. And them voices tell me to stop blogging and I’m not going to lie, I’ve came pretty damn close to packing it in. But then I do a post (like this one) and it brings back the nice happy voices and you know what? I can carry this whole blogging thing and I’m going to! I know all the hard work and dedication it takes and yeh, I should be more organised and regular with my posts, but lets face it, that not going to happen because I’m back to enjoying my life with some great friends around me! And as for coping with exercise, I have also took that to the extreme this last year. But I now know what is healthy and if you miss the odd workout then that’s fine! there is more to life than working out! But them endorphin’s that get released and the sting you get the day after, just shows that what you are doing is working, and who can’t get a cheeky little buzz from that?!?

a little semi colon tattoo that speaks a thousand words to people who know it's real meaning

But before we end things there, lets not forget about all the other things we can do to support and survive mental illness:

  • The semi-colon tattoo
  • the support group Mind
  • Other support groups
  • And not to mention the amount of celebrities openly talking about battles they are either going through, survived or the stories of people they know

Fearne Cottons' HAPPY book that wa released earlier this year

Lets not forget about this BEAUT of a book that the amazing Fearne Cotton has released this year!!



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