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Hi guys!

Have you ever had a packet attached to some new clothes with a spare button in it and never actually used it? Well I have had loads but for some reason I keep them and they make me look like I have a little button problem! So I took to trusty old Pinterest and looked for cute pieces of artwork that I could attempt to make with the buttons and WOW! there is soooooo many different choices and options out there. But the ones that stood out to me where some cute Disney quotes with a character on it and something about the character (mainly clothing) was made up of buttons. So off to my little stash I went but I just did not have a good amount of the same coloured buttons, so I had a cheeky little trip to Hobbycraft where they sell packs of random sized and shaped buttons (all the same/ similar colouring) for 50p.

This is what happened once I got back home….

My tools..

  • Buttons
  • Sharpies
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Let the fun begin….

On your piece of paper write down you favourite Disney quote or saying (it doesn’t matter how you lay it on the page, just leave enough room somewhere for you character).

Now in whatever gap you have left, take a pencil and draw the silhouette of your chosen character. Or you can simply print off the silhouette.

While your drawing (or printing) your silhouette, turn on your hot glue gun. Once the glue is warmed up it’s time to get gluing your buttons in place! Layering them looks really good!!

Now if you printed off the silhouette then you should be pretty much done, but if you drew your character, then its time to grab that black Sharpie or black paint and get it coloured in!

I have left mine in my art book for now, but I am going to gather all my white buttons together and glue on the apron (I think that is what it is) on the front of Alice’s dress. But once you are done these pictures look super cute if you pop them in a vintage-y frame

And that is it for our first super quick D.I.Y. project f 2017. Have fun making these, there are soooo many different possibilities that you could make with this technique!


Kathleen xox

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