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One of the few things that gets me about living in the UK is the fact we have to wait for so long for Kat Von D make-up to be released. We have to put up with the tease that the USA have new products and its a good while after that we can finally get our little mitts on them. But thanks to the little beauty that is Debenhams we can buy them over here and not pay import fees! And lately the teaser has not only been her brow range but also her 10th Anniversary range, the brow range was the fist to be released so obviously they day it was I popped it straight into my make-up collection!

This little beaut is the Kat Von D Brow Struck in Blonde. When I saw the colour example on the side of the box I was a little worried, I mean that looks like a dark blonde if not light brown doesn’t it!?

Before we get onto the product itself can we just take a minute to appreciate the amazing packaging! It’s so sleek! You can tell that real time and effort has gone into making this, the was it’s all matte black but the raised pattern it shiny and look at them little skulls decorating the edge of the pattern!!!

Even the click as you open and shut the lid is strong, once closed there will be accidental opening in your make-up bag (wish it was the same with the studded kiss lipstick). So, what is the actual product like? Luckily it’s not actually as dark as the strip of colour will make you think! But it looks super glittery! Which yes, it does make you worry but at the same time it make you want to put it on even more because you want to see if it goes on glittery….

But thankfully it doesn’t go on glittery at all, it actually makes your brows look more natural while still defying the life out of them (if that the type of thing you like). I found out last year that I’m allergic to HD brows so be prepared for the next picture as my brows are almost non existent without product n them….

But with the Brow Struck in them this is what they look like….

Yes I know they are not the most defined brows that I have ever done but hey ho they are still brows! This came at the best time for me as well, since my skin has started to get better (shock 2 spots have started to come through now) I have been loving wearing as little makeup as possible so switching from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade to this because it doesn’t actually feel like you have anything on AND it’s also waterproof so you can forget it’s on too!

So this beauty is only £17, the packaging is super sturdy and won’t open if you don’t want it to PLUS it has a little mirror in the lid of the packaging! who would have thought a brow product could come with a mirror. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and it still looks brand new so I’m guessing that it is going to last a while because you really don’t have to use much product as it’s got really good pigmentation.

I can’t wait to add more of her products to my collection! The brow pomade she has released is going to be my brow product for Winter, I can just feel it. Each product is really good value for money and the gothic-y edge she puts on them are so subtle its right up my street! I can’t wait to see what else she releases


Kathleen xox

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