Book Review! Cecelia Ahern – A Place Called Here

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Just like the the Luna perfume I talked about last week (you can read it here if you want to), this is another first for me…. I want to talk about a book!!

Even though I LOVE trying and talking about make-up or doing something arty farty, there is nothing better than curling up in your pj’s with a good book! I always thought there was just something about holding a book and it having that ‘book’ smell (yeh I know how strange that sounds), but a couple of Christmas’ ago I got a Kobo as a present off my mam and it has changed EVERYTHING when it comes to reading!!!!

The Kobo

What is a Kobo?!?


WHSmith Kobo with the cover of 'The Year I Met You'

Pink checker back of a W H Smith Kobo

It’s WHSmiths’ version of a kindle, my version is purely for books, you can’t go on the internet or download games on it. Which I picked because otherwise I know it would have just been used as a tablet and I would never actually read any books on it.

All you do is download your book and read (yep just that and yep it’s just like a kindle), you can book mark pages and there is a cute little light for when you want to take a cosy candle lit bath (without the big light on) orrrr read in bed and not have to either disturb your partner by having the light on orrrr have to get out of your nice arm bed to turn the light off…


Kobo unlocked on a bookmarked page without the back-light on
No light
kobo open on a bookmarked page with the backlight on

But I’m not meant to be talking about the Kobo (which btw can hold 10,000 books AND you can put a memory card in it to hold more!!!), I want to talk about one of the books I have on my Kobo….

A Place Called Here…

kobo with the cover of 'A Place Called Here' sat on top of Blogosphere magazine

There it is!! Cecelia Ahern, A Place Called Here!!

You know how you can find that one author you just click with.. where their writing style is just so up your street you get hooked in the book straight away….. Well mine is Cecelia Ahern. There has only been 1 book of hers that I’ve not finished and that is ‘P.S. I Love You’ and I think that’s only because I love and have watched that film so much I pretty much know it word for word. But every other book I have been hooked and pretty much lost all contact with the world (apart from work) until I have finished each book. And this one just spoke to my moods lately!

So what is it about?

Well have you ever just wanted to disappear and wonder if anybody would realise OR wonder where things have gone when there is no logical explanation to where they are (Like that one sock that vanishes when it’s in the washing machine)? Well this book hold cutest answer…. you/they/it just disappears to this alter world (called ‘Here’) which is hidden amongst everyday life, there is no explanation to why or how you end up there, it just happens.

The main character is called Sandy Shortt who is a missing person detective, and she ironically ends up ‘Here’. And in the history of ‘Here’ nobody has ever been able to make it back or send items back….. That is until Sandy stumbles her way there…

(It’s so hard wanting to talk about and recommend a book but not give away the full story and ruin it for you!!!)

┬áBut basically you have the main story line focused on Sandy and her story and then you have another story line of one of her “clients” who she was on her way to meet when she “disappeared” and how it was him who was determined to find her. Throughout the story they both start to realise and discover their own faults and start to work on them (that bit is less boring than what it sounds honestly!!! it happens gradually!!!), and their story lines start to cross over!!

You really picture the story going ending one way and your almost shouting at Sandy, but it doesn’t go the way we hope or picture, but side stepped and in a way I felt disappointed in the ending (probably because I didn’t want it to end) but when you think back it actually ends in the best way possible as it leaves you picturing both reactions and the future of certain characters.

Honestly go and give this book a read! I clearly didn’t think this through, all I know is that I wanted to write and scream about this book, but didn’t think it through because obviously I can’t say too much because that would just spoil it if I somehow persuaded you to give this book a try.

I think we will back to normal next week,

Kathleen xox

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