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So normally when you find a brand of make-up brushes you like then you stick to them, right? That’s what I’ve done anyway, I love love LOVE Real Techniques and Ecotools, but the other week I was on Beauty Bay looking at Morph brushes (mainly the blending brush coz everyone raves about them) but ended up getting carried away and looking at the brand Bh Cosmetics. But I just couldn’t pick what set I wanted and couldn’t commit to spending £20 or more on some brushes I have never really heard of before.

But a week or two later I was in what is fast becoming my favourite shop…. T K Maxx, when I stumbled on one of the Bh Cosmetics sets I was looking at on the website. And with it being TK Maxx you instantly think you are getting a bargain, when actually I saved £5 because the set was £14.99 instead of £20.

I ended up getting the “Sculpt and Blend 10 Piece Brush Set” which I really don’t think it is that bad getting 10 brushes for £14.99. In the set you get…

sorry that some of them are minging and used!!

As you can tell from the picture above, I have used half of the brushes (almost on a daily basis) because what you get in this pack 5 eyeshadow brushes (or what I use for eyeshadow I don’t know if that is what they are meant to be used as) and 5 face brushes, where you have 1 pointed/ tapered brush, 2 angled brushes (both “small” but are 2 different sizes), 1 rounded brush and 1 flat headed brush (which is pretty much the same as the rounded brush), so it feels like you have two brushes the same.

These are the nice clean ones I haven’t used yet!

I am using the flat 116 brush daily for my foundation and it picks up a nice amount of product and blends/ rubs the foundation over you face nice and evenly without getting horrible streaky lines once your done. I use the 117 angled brush as my contour brush for when I go on nights out (yeh I’m one of them girls that still doesn’t contour everyday). This specific brush fits perfect on my face for contour and the bristles are nicely packed together but are soft at the same time.

As for the littler brushes in the set (like I have said above, I use these for eye shadows) they pick up your eyeshadow great and you could use them to blend out but personally I think these are better for packing the shadow on your lid and maybe a little blending, but the RealTechniques blending brush is better for a more even smoother look.


This is a great set for £14.99 (even if you only use half) but and I know it is only £5, but I would not recommend paying £20 for these, the £5 difference really does make the difference. So if your wanting to try some new brushes then get yourself to TK Maxx asap before they are all gone.


Kathleen xox
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