About Me

Hi everyone,

I’m Kathleen and this is my little place on the internet. I’ve set this space up because I’m one of these people who say that they would like to do something but is normally too scared to actually do it. Well I’ve shut up winging and before i have chance to overthink things and talk myself out of doing it, I’ve actually set up a blog! I mean this little space can be seen by anyone in the entire world! How scary is that!?!

This blog will involve anything that I like or find interesting (and hopefully you will too). There will be posts about make-up, home D.I.Y. ideas, recopies and hopefully much more. When it comes to make-up, I hope my reviews will help someone because I have sensitive skin and if how I get on with a product or a brand helps somebody else avoid allergic reactions. And I know what a pain in the butt finding new make-up can be! The recipe section can be for everybody but recipes will be changed slightly as I’m lactose intolerant, so I’ll be posting lactose free recipes and food.


Kathleen xox