Bourjois make – up review including cute gift offer in Boots

Bourjois powder and concealer next to Ted Baker body spray and free gift box say on a mirrored plate

Hey guys,

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? especially when it is either food or make up!?! Well the other day I was well and truly suckered into buying another make up product, just so I can get a freebie. I needed some more setting powder and had already gone an entire day without using any (well proper setting powder anyway, one of my friends suggested I use a SUPER light dusting of talc to set my make up… and IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!). I was pa-roosing around my local Boots and no powders were jumping out at me to buy 🙁 so I went over to the Bourjois section and picked up the powder I had just finished (I’ll talk about it soon!). But good old trusty Boots and their cheeky offers had me wanting to spend £3 more just so I could get my mitts on the free gift box….

Pink Bourjois box on a mirror plate with pink flowers

What make-up did I end up buying?

Well the main item itself should be up first shouldn’t it!?

Ted Baker body spray next to an open Bourjois Healthy Balance powered and a single with flower

It’s the Bourjois – Healthy balance matte 10 hr powder. I was worried when I first picked this up to try because even though I have heard a load of good reviews about Bourjois, most of the people that I have spoke to who have sensitive skin, said that this was too perfumed for them and they have had allergic reactions to it… But I risked it anyway and  I seem ok with the powder up to now (touch wood). This one is not too perfumed and really does matte your skin. It has Sharon Fruit in it so it hydrates your skin as well as giving you that matte finish, it also has Yuzu Fruit in it for that added anti-shine effect. Like I said my skin hasn’t found it too perfumed, and it does last a decent amount of time. And it is such a good size just to pop into your bag so you can top it up on them hot days or girly nights out. It is completely worth the £8.99 price tag.


Open tube of Bourjois concealer with pink flowers and Ted Baker body spray

And this is the second thing I bought.. the Bourjois ‘Blur the Lines’ concealer. It doesn’t have any scent and it has good coverage aswell… To be honest, I haven’t used this long enough to know if my skin is going to throw a hissy fit but up to now it’s going good!!! It’s not the best concealer I have used but then again it’s not the worst one out there by far!!! And to be honest lately I don’t wear foundation unless I am going on a night out, but I use this over all of my blemishes and set it with powder, and it lasts allllllll day.

Bourjois powder and concealer next to flowers and Ted Baker Body Spray

And because I bought these two beuts, I managed to get one of the gift boxes that Boots are giving away in store when you buy £12 worth of Bourjois products…

The free gift!!!

Pink Bourjois box on a mirror plate with bright pink flowers

This cute little pink box (which is really good quality considering its free!) hold a liquid lipstick, mascara and eyebrow pencil and highlight combo.

open tube of the Nude-ist Rouge Edition Velvit lipstick

The liquid lipstick you get is one of their ‘Rouge Edition Velvet’ in 07 – Nude-ist. And it looks like it is going to be a lovely pink-y mauve colour, but really its much more of a subtle natural colour.

Swatch of 07 Nude-ist Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Even though I was a little disappointed by the actual colour of the lipstick, the application and colour pay off didn’t disappoint! I would say that the best colour is after you have applied 2 layers (which don’t go tacky or patchy), and it lasts a really good amount of time plus when it does start to fade it isn’t obvious, it kinda fades from the centre outwards.

Volume reveal mascara next to a single pink flower

The mascara you get in the gift box is the Bourjois Volume Reveal – Adjustable Volume in Black. I love the packaging of this mascara mainly because it is not over the top, its in an unusual triangle shape and on one side you have a 3x zoom mirror so you can easily top up your lashes whenever you need. Even the way the full thing shuts is good quality, on that last little turn it tightens and even has a little ‘click’ when the lid is fully shut, so you know it isn’t going to leak everywhere and the mascara isn’t going to dry up because you have left the lid just that little bit open. The brush isn’t too oversized and it is nice soft bristles, not them plastic pointy bristles that companies are favouring nowadays. The shape of the brush and sheer amount of bristles mean that it catches pretty much every lash you have and gives you a nice natural look with one application, or build it up so you have those long night out lashes.

Bourjois double ended eyebrow pencil with a single white and pink flower

The final thing you get in your gift box is the Bourjois double ended eyebrow pencil in 22- chestnut. And this one is dermatologically tested so even if you do have sensitive skin your most likely going to be ok with this product.

swatch of Bourjois Brow Duo Sculpt - Brow Pencil in 22 Chestnut

On one end you get the eyebrow pencil. This is too dark for me (you don’t get an option on what shade you get) but from swatching it, it will be great to draw on individual eyebrow strokes/hairs and didn’t seem to smudge when I rubbed it (which lets face it that is a big worry off any girls mind). If you have brown hair this would be great for you!

On the other end of the pencil you get the gorgeous highlighter! I have never used a specific eyebrow highlighter before, I just use my normal one on a smaller brush. But Oh wow I can’t wait to get my eyebrows done so I can start using this! (I really don’t want to be drawing attention to them at the minute, they reallllyyyyy need doing). But this is a lovey subtle pink-y silver toned highlighter, which I recon will draw in so much definition to your eyebrows in such a subtle way.


Honestly it is well worth spending that little bit more to get this cute little gift box, you get your £12 worth with the box alone! Or you could always put the box away for a present for someone, like I spoke about in my last blog pot which talks about another great offer Boots have on at the minute (you can find that here). Even though the free box is only in store I’ll link the Bourjois section on the Boots website here so you can see if there is any other products you want to go and try.


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