2019 Experiences – George Ezra

Hey guys,

Another one for this years experiences is, on the 7th March, me and one of my best friends took a trip to Newcastle to see the one and only George Ezra!!

The Hotel

Just like me and my sister did when we went to see Boyzone, we stayed at The Newbridge Hotel. It was exactly the same as last time and only cost £30 for the both of us for the night and the room was exactly the same (apart for the fact we were missing the TV remote).  The ultimate 5* review of this hotel is them beds! urghhh I forgot how comfy they are, if someone could tell me where they are from I would be very grateful.

The Concert

The doors opened at 6pm and because we had standing tickets and the gig was sold out we decided to get there as close to 6 as we could and I’m pretty sure we got there for 10 past. The place was already busy, we had a quick wander around for the Fosters stall but got distracted looking at the merchandise. They had Wrist Bands, T-Shirts, Hoodies and Bags, Beth ended up paying £30 for a T-Shirt!! £30!! what? I know it would not official but  could go on E-Bay and get the exact same one for £10 max. Once Beth had bought her T-Shirt we made a swift B-line for the alcohol, we tried to find the stalls that were selling the really jugs of lager but for some reason we couldn’t and we didn’t think of asking someone so off we went to the far counter with obvious beer pumps. For a pint of Fosters it was £5.50! and the best part it the first one they gave me was flat! Nah I don’t think so, I’m not paying that for a flat pint! Beth kept hers but I took mine for a good fizzy pint.

In order for us to actually get our place we had to go to the side of the arena where the toilets are and queue up then we were let in at up to 20 at a time. When we were through the doors we had to hand over our tickets (which I’m not happy about at, I like to keep that kind of stuff for my scrapbook), then they put a bright yellow wrist band on, like the ones you get on a night out and it didn’t even say George Ezra! I don’t think I would have minded so much if it did. Then we got as close to the stage as we could and boy did we get close…

All in all I would say that we got our places at 6:30pm and the support act didn’t come on till 8!! Nobody had heard who the support act was going to be but it turned out to be Sigra (or as I referred to her Sangria because I couldn’t remember her name) and when that 1 song that I new came on I danced and sung like it was going out of fashion but it didn’t half get everyone ready for George Ezra, Sigra done a better job than the 2 that Boyzone had. Then the back curtain (styling 3 drawn on windows) started to be lowered and a super cosy, sort of frontroom looking set was uncovered and it was super cute.

When he came on stage around 9pm George Ezra literally only went off stage for a minute or 2 in order for him to come back on to do the encore and the full think finished about 9.30pm. He sang songs from his first album and songs from his newest one. I got so sick of hearing people say “Shotgun” It was obvious that such a big hit was going to be his encore song!! But in between his songs he spoke to the audience, mainly about the adventures he had getting/creating his songs, which I personally loved! Just some of the hits he went through were:-

  • Get away
  • Barcalona
  • Listen to the man
  • Breakaway
  • Cassy O’
  • Song 6
  • Hold my girl (possibly one of my all time favourite songs of his)
  • All my love
  • Breakaway
  • Get Away
  • Paradise

And during Hols my girl he had some lanterns lowered from the ceiling, it literally gave me goosebumps, especially when you see the lights from everyone’s phones (not the best photo ever but I had to screenshot it from  Snapchat video).


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show, he was well worth the wait. What is your favourite George Ezra song?


Kathleen xox
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