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Wow you won’t believe how hard it is trying to think of what to call this (and I bet I still call it something plain and boring), but this year we need to start another series apart from “My Travel Diaries” because I have a lot of experiences booked this year (well mainly concerts but hey ho, they are still going to be an experience). And the first one of the year has already happened! On Wednesday 30th January me and my big sister travelled to Newcastle to see BOYZONE!!

This is a group I have grew up listening to. They have been one of my sisters favourite bands pretty much since they formed. So its a no brainer that as soon as I saw the tickets were on sale for their final ever tour I just had to get them! I did want to surprise her with a box filled with some memorabilia but because she works in a school I had to tell her sooner than planned. It’s safe to say she completely freaked out when I told her and the count down could officially begin…

The week before the concert I was sending her screenshots of a countdown and I have honestly never seen someone get that excited before. When the day itself came we both still went into work, I managed to finish an hour earlier and we jumped onto the next train to Newcastle. The journey from Middlesbrough to Newcastle took 1 1/2 hours, then came the fun part of trying to find the hotel we booked.

The Hotel

We booked The NewBridge Hotel because it was the closest one to both the station and the arena in our price range. The room only cost £27 for the night and what they say you get IS what you get. We ordered a double room with 2 single beds and guess what? That is what we got, n frills just a room with a tele, a big mirror, an en suite and 2 UNBELIEVABLY comfortable beds (and when I say that I mean it, we both wanted to take the beds home with us). You can decide when you book in which I though was nice. And the staff there were lovely, the lady who was on reception when we arrived even ordered us a taxi to the arena.

The Concert

OH MY GAWD where do I start?!

The doors opened at 6 and I think we got there about half past, we had a wander around and bought our first pint of the night. We had a look at the shows merchandise stall and wow was it expensive! The tops were in the region of £30, the programme was £20 and a key ring was £10!Safe to say we looked and then went to find our seats. We sat down and were shook with how close we were to the stage and then the 2 women that sat down next to us told us that the black block that was literally 5 seats away from us was a second stage!! Bugger everyone else we were going to touch them if that was actually a stage!

Then a group came and asked if we were sat in a specific block, me and my sister said we weren’t, but then talking to the 2 women next to us it turns out we were sat a block further back than what we were meant to be! (pinch me). So off we went an entire block in front!! Yes we were further from the second stage but we were closer to the main one!!

The show started at 7:30 and the band had 2 supporting acts on before them, which in all honesty were not memorable. The main men themselves came on at 8:30 and WOW did they put everything into it! They sung a good range from new to old songs, included some of their original dance moves, the only one I noticed they didn’t do was the Mr Bean trouser swing, but that’s fine me and my sister made up for that in out row.

Back to the second stage.. After one of the songs all of the lights went off and the big screens played interviews with each of the group members where they were talking about Stephen and how his death affected each of them but made them realise how close they were as a group and as friends. Then comes cheers from behind us and there they were on the stage. The only lights that where used were 4 white spotlights, at the end of the song one large beam came from the middle of the stage and the lads huddled around it… The stage and light were especially for Stephen!! I just can not cope how cute and amazing that is, what a way for them to remember and dedicate something to a lost friend.

Then they walked around the edge of the crowd to get back onto the stage, once again SO CLOSE. Each member had their own time on stage talking to the crown and personally saying thank you for supporting them for the past 25 years which again is so cute and nice for them to do. Another lovely touch they done was they pulled a fan from the crowd and took  photo with them on the stage. The lass they got up when we were there had been to over 100 of their gigs and they called her up by name.

Quite a few groups or singers would have just done their show without all of these personal touches in them, it just shows how genuine and grateful they are. Then when they done their “final” song the lights never came back on and less than a minute later they were coming back n stage in some of their ionic outfits, Ronan even through his hat into the crowd!

It was such a great night I would recommend it to anyone who can get tickets before the tour is finished. They are back at Newcastle on the 13th of February!! I’m glad my sister got to see them live before they split. The countdown to the next experience is on!


Kathleen xox

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