2017 recap and 2018 Goals!

Happy New Year light up box with make up, brushes, alcohol and a scrapbook next to it

Hey my lovelies!

Wow! can you believe it is 2018 already?!? I hope it’s treating you great up to now! How did you say goodbye to 2017? I waved it off in a drunken state and boy was I glad to see the end of that year! It was the year full of some serious emotional roller-coasters……

I entered the year being back with my ex, for that to be the worst 4 months I could have ever imagined. But during this time I finally started working in the job sector that I have dreamed of for the past 10 years (one of the best highs I could have asked for last year!). Admitting that I needed help and going to counselling after I FINALLY ended things with him (Literally the scariest low I have EVER experienced), but I loved going and I am so great-full I did (I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t of went).

But through this full thing I found myself again! I didn’t realise how much I had lost who I actually was, I had changed to try and please someone who would never have changed for anything (not that I ever asked for that) but now the bubbly, singing (killing songs), friend and family loving me is back and she is going NO WHERE! I have also found new friendship and strengthened friendships I thought I had lost (granted this is mainly through my year long plan to pickle my liver but hey ho!) either way I know who my friends are and we are there for each other no matter what!

Happy New Year light up box with make up, brushes, alcohol and a scrapbook next to it

What hopes do I have for 2018?

Firstly.Instead of making New Year Resolutions, I’m setting myself little challenges/ tasks to complete when the moment pops up. For example 1 I have already done (yey) is a super easy one but it’s something I would never had done…. to learn the Snooker Loopy song! How stupid is that for a challenge?! But I was watching A League Of Their Own who sang it, then my Mam and Sister sang it when I told them, so I thought I want to get on this bandwagon because a) everybody seems happy when they sing it and b) it would be good to know the order colours need to go in if I ever get caught up playing snooker…….

Pot the reds then, screw back
For the yellow green brown blue pink and black
Snooker loopy nuts are we
We’re all snooker loopy

I mean how can learning such a silly thing make me feel like a giddy girl haha! But that is what I’m going to do all year round! make little tasks and smash them! can you imagine how many things you could tick off by this time next year!


Secondly. I want to spend as much time possible making new memories with my family and friends as humanly possible. It’s scary how fast your life can just go or somebody can just be taken from you, so make the most of every single day. Stop being scared to do or try things, just bloody go out there and do it! I have 2 things planned up to now and both with friends… London Comic Con and to see the comedian Joe Lycett. Not huge travelling things but I wouldn’t normally do them and this is just the beginning!!


joe lycett
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The third and final thing is to be more organised!! I say this in pretty much every other blog post but this year has got to be the year for it! I have been out and bought a fun new diary for this year and I am determined to not only get this blog back on track but have more of a life than going to work, coming home, doing a work out and going to bed (and being a hungover mess on the weekends). This cute ass planner/ diary from T K Maxx is going to be my little bible this year! I am getting back blogging every week and I’m going to work my butt off at work to eventually (give me a couple of years) get to my end career goal!

new pink organiser with Peaky Blinders mug

And that is it! Short and sweet! Bring on 2018 and all the hard work, giggles, alcohol and shopping this year has to bring!


Kathleen xox

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