2 cute collections to come out of 2020

Hey guys,

I’m a bit late reviewing these two colabs but I love them that much I had to write them down! It will be a little bit random because apart from being released last year (It may have been the worst year every but these two colabs made it more bearable for me even though I only have work to show them off), they are in no way related. But they are super cute and I love both collections.

P.S. Sorry in advance that there is a Christmas tree/Disney tree ornaments in these photos, I was meant to post this at Christmas time as stocking filler ideas… Oooooopsies

Colourpop x The Mandalorian

I ordered this little beauty without thinking twice. As soon as Colourpop announced the colab I set my alarm. Obviously Colourpop is an American brand so I had to work out the time difference but it was worth it.

I am not one for greens, my everyday go to colours are browns and golds/copper , but anything with Grogu on I need! Like many other people The Mandalorian took over my life for the last few months of 2020. I had previously watched Star Wars and my boyfriend has made me watch them allllllllll over again (numerous amounts of eye rolls can be added here) but this series has made me truly appreciate the Star Wars genre.

The palette sells out minutes after it is restocked so if you want to get your hands on one then you will need to sign up to the email list and be fast! It is a super reasonable price of $16 which is converts to £11.73 plus shipping which is normally about $10 an item meaning you will pay in the region of £20, which isn’t actually that bad when you think about it.

Much like my Colourpop x Zoella palette the eye shadows are softly pressed and super pigmented but don’t have much fallout, yes, including the glitter/shimmer shades.

Make-up Revolution x The Nightmare Before Christmas

I was super late to the whole being obsess with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” thing which is very surprising considering the way I am/ things I like, however, I have been fully on that train for a good 2 maybe 3 years. I love pretty much everything relating to this film or Tim Burton.

When Makeup Revolution announced the collection I just knew I had to get something just to keep and look pretty but, I missed their first launch. I was actually on the website early and waiting and the collection launched a good couple of minutes early and I doubted myself and for some reason panicked and refreshed the page and !poof! they were all gone. A couple of months later I was not falling for the same trick again!

Out of the 4 lip glosses that were released I picked up Sally and Zero. I’m not normally much of a gloss person, well apart from the Fenty Beauty lip glosses, but I knew I needed them and thought these were the 2 most subtle ones out of the collection.

Even though I wanted literally all of the collection the only other thing that I picked up is one of the highlighters. There were 2 shades released in the collection and I went for the lighter of the 2 because I am such a pale arse.

But look at it, it has Jacks face embossed on it!! I mean like I could ever use that!!

I can’t remember the prices of the 3 products and my account on the Revolution website wont let ,e log in for some reason but they won’t have been expensive at all. Maybe £20 for all 3 including delivery.

The only other makeup collection that I am gutted I missed last year was the Colourpop x Hocus Pocus. I seriously should have upped my game and realised that I was doing a me and would regret not getting it. Is there any makeup collection that you got or wished you got?


Kathleen xox

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